Player Career Records

At the end of the 2015-16 season Prahran has had 588 players represent the club in the Men's First Eleven.


These players have included some distinguished names, including many players who have represented Victoria and Australia.


Season 2015-16 was notable for the passing of two long-standing club records. Keeper, and former club captain, Sam Coates became the second Prahran player to achieve 300 dismissals and went on to set a new club record by passing Kyle Malligan's previous record of 302, finishing the season on 316 dismissals.


Bryce McGain also made season 2015-16 a season to remember. Not only did become the sixth Prahran player to pass the 200 game mark, finishing the season on 203 games, but he also passed Bruce Murray's 45 year-plus record of 426 bowling dismissals. Bryce finished the season on 436 wickets and his match-winning 6/27 performance in the quarter-final reverse outright win against Monash Tigers would suggest that there are plenty more in the bank.


Six players made their First Eleven debut in 2015-16: Jake Hancock; Rowan Bricker; James Billington; Shaun Miller; Blake Parsons; and Ryan Hartley.


The full list of all these players with details of their career records to the end of season 2015-16 is included in the file below.



These records were compiled from the career records held by Cricket Victoria for District/Premier Grade cricketers. Any errors are unintentional and if spotted any amendments or corrections should be advised to Nigel Hutton at


  Bryce McGain 

N (Neil) Schlittler

1997/98 - 2013/14

Cap #493

Club Record Holder

Matches Played

233 games


DF (Dav) Whatmore

1972/73 - 1992/93

Cap #365

Club Record Holder

Runs Scored

7,994 at 36.50



BE (Bryce) McGain

2000/01 - 2015/16

Cap #509

Club Record Holder

Wickets Taken

436 at 19.30

(at end of 2015/16 season)

S (Sam) Coates

2004/05 - 2015/16

Cap #541

Club Record Holder

Wicket keeping Dismissals


(at end of 2015/16 season)

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