Past players v Vanuatu
Date of Event : Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:59PM

Former and present players of Prahran Cricket Club played the Vanuatu national team at Toorak Park on Tuesday, 14th February with Vanuatu winning the game. 


A BBQ was held after the game for both teams.


The PCC Clarrie Grimmett XI included the following players:

  • Paul Sealey
  • Chris Garcia
  • Neil Schlittler
  • Brad Niemann
  • Chris Clarke
  • Peter Grant
  • Barry Neivandt
  • Dave McLeod
  • Chris Rogers
  • Sam Coates
  • Callum Appleyard
  • Brett Wilcox

The Vanuatu team went on to compete in the ICC World Cricket League East Asia-Pacific (EAP) Qualifiers to be played in Bendigo.


They won all their games, including the last game against Fiji to qualify for the next stages of qualification.


Congratulations to all PCC reps for contributing to a great day, and to Paul Sealey in particular, and to the Vanuatu team on your success.

Last updated: Sunday February 26, 2017 4:22PM
Author: Nigel Hutton

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