Bhatt and Hempenstall - Club Champions
Date of Event : Sun May 7, 2017 2:26PM
Jukes and Calvert Medalists: Ajay Bhatt and Kath Hempenstall

Outstanding all-round performances by Ajay Bhatt and Kath Hempenstall were rewarded with Club Champion medals at the recent 2016-17 club awards presentations.


In his first year at the club, Ajay Bhatt had an outstanding season as captain of the Third Eleven and took out the 2016/17 DWN Jukes Medal. He scored 200 runs at 25.00 with a top score of 75, usually batting out of the bottom half of the batting order. It was his bowling that stood out though with 37 wickets at the exceptional average of 8.57. Ajay racked up five wickets on four separate occasions, including both innings of the Round 17 match against Casey-South Melbourne.


Ajay's performance also earned him the Premier Cricket Third Eleven Player of the Season.


Kath Hempenstall had an exceptional year and was rewarded with the 2016/17 Julie Calvert Medal . She amassed 415 runs at 41.50 with a top score of 81 and 29 wickets at 14.20. Consistency was the hallmark of her season with six innings of 40 runs plus while failing to take a wicket in only three of her 18 matches for the True Blues. 


Evan Gulbis took out both the Dav Whatmore and Bryce McGain Trophies for the First Eleven batting and bowling averages.


In the women's section Emma Inglis piled on 610 runs in her 10 innings to take away the Ando Aparo Trophy for the women's First Eleven batting average, while Alana King was awarded the Karen Brown Trophy for the women's First Eleven bowling average for her 21 wickets at 11.71.


Congratulations to all the 2016/17 award winners.


View the photo album of all the award winners, including individual and team milestones and achievements



2016/17 Club Award Winners


DWN Jukes Medal

Men's Club Champion

1. Ajay Bhatt

2. Bryce McGain
3. Evan Gulbis
4. Nathan McNally
5. Travis Jackson


833 points



Julie Calvert Medal 

Women's Club Champion 

 1. Kath Hempenstall

 2. Emma Inglis
 3. Tara Norris
 4. Alana King
 4. Annabel Sutherland


929 points




Men's First Eleven 


Batting: Dav Whatmore Trophy 

Bowling: Bryce McGain Trophy

Fielding: Stan Stephens Memorial Trophy



Evan Gulbis

Evan Gulbis

Adam Bull


389 @ 43.22

24 @ 17.71


Women's First Eleven



Batting: Ando Aparo Trophy

Bowling: Karen Brown Trophy

Fielding Award



Emma Inglis

Alana King

Bronwyn Daws


661 @ 66.10

21 @ 11.71


Men's Second Eleven 


Batting Award

Bowling Award

Fielding Award



Travis Jackson

Bryce McGain

Nick King


377 @ 41.89

48 @ 17.77


Women's Second



Batting Award

Bowling Award

Fielding Award



Ella Austin

Maggie McPhee

Tiana Atkinson


240 @ 20.00

11 @ 20.82


Men's Third Eleven


Batting Award

Bowling Award

Fielding Award



James Billington

Ajay Bhatt

Nick Blaich


261 @ 52.20

37 @ 8.57


Men's Fourth Eleven


Batting Award

Bowling Award

Fielding Award



Hamish Withers

Nathan Caton-Robertson

Clinton Bricker


243 @ 30.38

20 @ 20.40



Junior Encouragement





Rosie Wynd

Jay Jhamb




Perpetual Trophies


AA Horneman Award

Ian Crawford Presidents' Award



Adam Bull

Nigel Hutton



Special Achievement 



Life Membership


Sam Coates

Steven De Bolfo






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Author: Nigel Hutton

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