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PlayHQ registration

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Frequently asked questions

Every participant in Premier or Community Cricket in Victoria MUST be registered as a participant in the new PlayHQ platform.

What is PlayHQ?

PlayHQ is the new competition management platform adopted by Cricket Victoria and all the other Australian states and territories to administer community cricket. It replaces the MyCricket platform which has been around for close to two decades. 

What is PlayHQ used for?

PlayHQ is used for the registration of participants, managing competitions, live scoring and for storing and viewing fixtures, results, ladders and stats.

Why do I need to register in PlayHQ?

Every person who plays, or has an active role in the administration of cricket in Victoria, must be registered in the PlayHQ platform. If you are not registered you will not be able to participate.

Can my details from MyCricket be brought across to PlayHQ?

No, because the PlayHQ system has been designed for you to take control of your own profile. In MyCricket club admins could do the registration for you and this process sometimes led to multiple profiles getting created in your name. Your profile, your fee payment record, your stats are now all in your control. Club admins will NOT be able to edit and change your profile on your behalf.

So where do I start?

You need to first sign up in using an email address. In MyCricket you had a number linked to your name; in PlayHQ your email address becomes your primary identifier. 

I am a parent registering my child. Should I sign him up separately?

No. You sign up using your email address first and, while registering to Premier Cricket, you select an option to 'Register a family member or dependant'. In the future when your child becomes capable of using their own email address and managing their own PlayHQ account, you can merge his old account created under your email address into his own account to ensure all the previous stats in PlayHQ migrate safely.

Can I use my work email address to sign up to PlayHQ?

Yes. In the future if you want to change it to a non-work address like Gmail or Bigpond there is an option in your 'Account Setting' to 'Change Email Address'. Be mindful of IT security and firewall requirements at your workplace though.

Can I use the same PlayHQ account for cricket that I already use for community footy/netball/hockey/basketball?

Yes, we strongly recommend doing this as you will also have the stats from those other sports all in one place in PlayHQ. Only the sports mentioned above are applicable here since PlayHQ is also used by their respective national organisations like AFL, Netball Australia, Hockey Australia and Basketball Victoria.

I have signed up and have commenced my registration to Prahran CC. There is a penultimate step asking me to 'Link Cricket ID'.  Is this my MyCricket ID?

No, the MyCricket ID is a number while the Cricket ID is an email address. You may have used this Cricket ID email address to sign in to the Play Cricket (MyCricket) app, CA Live app, CA Coaches app, website. Your Cricket ID is a single email address to sign in to multiple Cricket Australia websites and apps.

You can check if the email address you want to use in PlayHQ is already registered as a Cricket ID by going into the sign-up page at Just type in your email address in the 'Email' text box; if you get a message 'Email already exists', then go to this Cricket ID login page and sign in.

It is recommended to use the same email address that you have used for PlayHQ, for your Cricket ID.


I have registered successfully for the upcoming summer. What do I do next?

Go to the Play Cricket mobile app and sign in using your Cricket ID email address. Then go to your account by clicking on 'More' (3 dots) in the bottom right corner. Select 'Your Name, Account Holder' and you will see your name with the PlayHQ logo to your left. This indicates that your registration has been done correctly.

If you are looking for your child(ren)’s details, you can find them where it says Dependant(s) in the 'More' page.

Ok but how do I know if my old MyCricket profile has got linked as well?

You have to claim your MyCricket profile by going into your account holder profile (Select where it says 'Your Name, Account Holder'), select the 'Add Profile' button, search for yourself using your MyCricket ID number or your name, select your profile, and enter the password that was linked to your MyCricket ID number.

Parents – select the 'Add Profile' button under Dependant(s) on the 'More' page itself. Don’t go into your Account Holder profile and claim your child(ren)’s profile(s), that will be a wrong linkage.

At this stage if you don’t remember your password or ID number:


  • contact the Cricket Australia community cricket helpdesk at 1800 274 2538

  • email them at

  • go to the Play Cricket Support website which has a Live Chat feature where you can put in your details and someone from the helpdesk will be in touch with you.

The above steps are a bit confusing for me,  I would like one-on-one help with respect to my MyCricket profile.  Is there any way?

One of our club volunteers, Sekhar Sridhar, works at the Cricket Australia helpdesk and has offered his services to help you navigate around PlayHQ, Cricket ID, MyCricket profile claiming etc.


Reach out to Sekhar at his WhatsApp number 0450 477 371. You can contact him after business hours and on weekends as well as during normal business hours.


There could be some delay in responses but he guarantees a response.

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