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Henry and Brookes our Calvert and Jukes Medalists

Olivia Henry and Ethan Brookes are our club champions for 2023/24.

A fantastic crowd of over 150 players, coaches, parents, volunteers, supporters and guests turned out at the Chadstone Bowls Club on Friday 10 May for our annual Awards Presentation night.

In her first year at the club, Olivia Henry was a well deserved winner of the Julie Calvert Medal.

Excluding the finals matches, Henry scored 350 runs, including two 50's and one 100, and took 9 wickets, 5 catches and a run-out. 

Her 545 points were 35 points clear of second-placed Anna O'Donnell's 510 points, with Ishita Tiwari finishing third on 505 points.

English all-rounder Ethan Brookes had a brilliant second season with the club and was a clear winner of the men's championship medal by 24 points over second-placed Will Collins. Brookes compiled 672 points on the back of his 492 runs (including one 50 and two 100s) plus 9 wickets and 5 catches.

Will Collins had an excellent year in the Seconds and finished in second place on 648 points, with Cameron Hemp in third place on 645 points. 


  1. 672 - Ethan Brookes

  2. 648 - William Collins

  3. 645 - Cameron Hemp

  4. 622 - Liam Brown

  5. 605 - Damon Malcolm


  1. 545 - Olivia Henry

  2. 510 - Anna O'Donnell

  3. 505 - Ishita Tiwari

  4. 468 - Mia Perrin

  5. 451 - Riva Guliya


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